Passionate about a healthy living environment.

Buildingbiology Services started up in 1993 (as Livspace), pioneering Buildingbiology in Australia. 

While studying Biology with an emphasis on Ecology at the University of Hamburg, I was also fascinated with sustainable and healthy building methods.  The world was slowly waking up to the fact the building materials and practices were not necessarily healthy and sustainable (asbestos, lead in paint, first energy crisis).  'Concrete jungles' destroyed peoples' physical and social well being. 

While in New Zealand, I found and completed the original German course in Buildingbiology, which took a powerful holistic view to these issues.

By now, we can offer the updated course as an English online course through our Australian Institute for Buildingbiology, and our students enjoy the interaction with Buildingbiologists all over the world.

My first website came online around 1995, in the early years of the Internet- and since then the business has slowly and steadily grown to what is is, now. 

The need for Buildingbiology has increased steadily with the environmental stress factors and people's increasing sensitivity and awareness. 

In the early 90's, HF radiation from mobiles and wireless networks was barely an issue.  Today, much of our work comes from dealing with this health threat.  The spreading of so-called Smart Meters and new mobile frequencies being the latest development. 

Is has been very rewarding to help my clients to live in a home (or workplace) free of environmental stresses, supporting their health and well-being.  Current western medicine is great at dealing with the symptoms of disease. In contrast, Buildingbiology is taking a holistic preventative health approach. We believe that well-being can be much improved by a healthy and supportive environment that strengthens life forces, thus supporting the body's ability to heal itself.  

Many diseases can be avoided and sicknesses healed.  The ancient Indian and Chinese civilisations, - in fact most traditional approaches to healing have acknowledged this fact. 

A Shared manifesto


We, the People of Buildingbiology Services, declare for the world to know:

We are the people who believe we can create the world we want to live in.

We are the people of an age not yet born, of a world not yet known.

We will shape a world of hope, the world of tomorrow.

We will build in imagination, with ambition.

We will create a world where we contribute beyond ourselves.

We will create a world where everything unites us.

We share a common purpose.

We believe people want to be a part of something bigger than just making money or being a new cog in an old system.

We see the sense in having a happy and fulfilled team, treating everyone with equal respect and dignity because we are our future.

We believe people with passion and purpose can lead the world toward sustainable futures.

We know times have never been tougher, it has also never been easy.

We're not here for the easy fights, we're here for a common purpose - To create the world we want to live in.

We share a responsibility to our people and our planet.

We shall adapt to an age beyond the industrial era's command and control hierarchies.

We operate with mutual respect, because we are human beings first, professionals second.

We acknowledge the importance of every role in our team and reward the unique contributions of each role that relate to the success of the organisation. Anyone can bring ideas of change to the table. 

We are a responsive and adaptive group that operate out of lasting connections between curious minds and passionate hearts, rather than expired hierarchies.

We share a sense of belonging.

We believe in the potential of anyone in the organisation to have exceptional insights and decision-making abilities. 

We shall work with remarkable people who believe in what we believe, that we can create the world we want to live in.

We shall empower ourselves by giving ourselves what we need to make informed choices and pursue work as we see fit, strategically and purposefully.

We believe we can achieve our goals. When we truly work together, everything unites us.

We can create the world we want to live in.

   (from a Melbourne company website...  can't remember, who?)