Home Consultation

A healthy home is characterised by -

  • Low electro-magnetic radiation from household appliances.
  • Low electro-magnetic radiation from interior and exterior wiring.
  • Non-toxic building materials, furniture and furnishings.
  • Pure air, free of irritants and toxins.
  • Harmonious arrangement of furniture in consideration of Earth energies.
  • It feels good!

These factors are even more crucial in our bedrooms, where we spend much of our time resting and regenerating.

To feel healthy, unstressed and relaxed, we depend on a highly supportive environment.

A healthy home is one fundamental condition for a harmonious and healthy family life.

Option 1: Come Home To Health!

A consultation by a qualified Building Biologist can ascertain potential health hazards in your home environment and make suggestions for improvement.

Option 2: Comprehensive Consultation

The total home-health renewal package.

Phone Consultation

Just a quick question?  - Give us a call and I'll help you out.

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