Feng Shui

The interest in this ancient art of placing and energy flow has grown rapidly over the past few years. 

We consult in clutter clearing, placement of building or furniture, earth energies, and conduct clearings of unwanted energies, as well s space clearings.

Key Benefits

  • Harmony
  • Prosperity
  • Beauty
  • Health


Clutter Consulting
Is your home quite 'full'?   ...and so is your life?  Are you wondering, if you need all the accumulated bits and pieces that are surrounding you?  Difficulty separating from all the collected history?  Clutter can hold you back, and clearing it can be a most exciting and liberating experience.  We are happy to support you in this process of personal growth.
        Dare a new start. Heal yourself by clearing up your home.
A home is almost like a living being, it gets its character from who lives in it and what has happened inside of it.  
        Sometimes, you would want to clear it all out and make place for new, fresh energies.
At other times, you might have moved into a place, which has really difficult energies or entities. 
You can have your home cleared by experts.  
Placement, Energy Flow, Earth Energies
Energy needs to move, and it is an art to help it move harmoniously.  To achieve this, one needs to carefully consider spatial circumstances and relationships, placement of furniture, plants and other objects to optimise the Qi energy flow.  
Earth energies, like the Hartman Grid, fault lines, water courses, or energy wells can be determined with the divining rod.  It is good to know where these are to be able to avoid or seek them.


$450     for a consultation, including up to 3 hours on site plus written report.

$ 77     every extra hour

$ 22     per hour of driving to your site