Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

The air we breathe is spreading over an area of up to 100 square meters, inside our lungs.  We absorb the oxygen, excrete the carbon dioxide, and our immune system deals with any dusts, chemicals, and pathogens we breathe in. Unfortunately, this can be very stressful for our bodies and cause allergy, fatigue, or even severe illness.

Causes of air pollution

Carpets, furniture, glues, paints, clothes, cleaning agents, moulds, air fresheners, aircon, pets, pesticides, ..... see more in our Information section, and at

We offer our clients IAQ Home Survey (TM), a state-of-the-art test that checks for chemicals in the air that could potentially make you and your family sick.

  1. IAQ Home Survey is a low-cost test designed to measure the chemicals in the air and find hidden mould.

  2. IAQ Home Survey is performed during a home consultation.

  3. IAQ Home Survey reports the total amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs or Solvents) found in the home and whether they are within a recommended safe range.

  4. IAQ Home Survey predicts the source of the VOCs .

  5. IAQ Home Survey is so sensitive, it monitors for the chemicals released by actively growing mould, whether it is behind walls or underneath carpeting or flooring.

  6. Formaldehyde can be measured and reported individually for an additional charge. This test is especially recommended for any home constructed or remodelled within the past five years.

Get peace of mind that the air in the home you’re buying is safe to breathe. Call us today about performing an accurate, affordable IAQ Home Survey test as part of a complete home consultation service, or on its own.  

Thanks to our network, we can offer extraordinary value for money:  IAQ testing has become available to the public.

Note, that the price will be reduced by $ 110, if the IAQ test forms part of a Home Consultation Service.

Testing takes 2 hours.


Reporting options

We offer either an overview of IAQ levels, or a highly detailed report.  Sample reports, showing you what is measured, are available by selecting the links, below:

 The Predict report gives you a good overview of your situation, including mould testing.  This is sufficient for the majority of cases.  It includes the option to upgrade the test to a Reveal report, if necessary.

The Reveal report offers a comprehensive analysis on 14 pages, see the link above for a sample.

IAQ Survey: Home

We assess your indoor air for pollutants and include a comprehensive report, to empower you/us to address any issues. The sampling takes 2 hours and the laboratory will return your results within a fortnight.  (Lab is in US, that always takes a while.)

IAQ Survey: Work

Photocopiers, carpets, computers, cleaners, dusts, - the list of chemicals and particles in work environments is endless.  Our workplace survey will provide you with the information you need, to have a safe, healthy, supportive, and productive work environment.

IAQ Survey: Formaldehyde