Vest wallet case

Vest phone radiation protection

Wallet shielding cases by Vest are well made, offering elegant and highly effective protection.

Vest anti-radiation wallet case keeps you, your phone and your identity & credit cards safe:

You – Vest wallet case minimizes your exposure to radiation emitted from the mobile device while talking or carrying the device in a pocket or close to the body.
Your phone - Vest case provides 360 degree protection to your mobile device from impacts of drops and bumps.

Your credit cards and identity - Prevents payment and identity fraud from electronic pickpockets who scan pockets or bags for contact-less credit or identity cards using "Paywave" type RFID technology. Credit Cards placed inside the vest wallet case are protected between your phone and the anti-radiation shield cover which successfully blocks RFID scanners.

How does it work?

Vest Anti-Radiation Wallet Case is integrated with a composite aluminium laminated foil and aluminium net. Situated in the front panel of the case this composite successfully minimizes the user’s exposure to radiation emitted from the mobile device.

Compare with PONG cases

Quote from Cruz Cases website:  "Pong Cases have had tremendous success in the market, supported by large investors. However do Pong Cases work?   Pong Cases fit to the back of the phone. There is no way signals directed out of the front of the phone going into your brain are somewhere magnetically pulled back and blocked in this fashion. Pong cases may block radiation going out of the back for the phone. If they reflect the signal, then Pong Cases reflect back the signal towards  your brain doubling your exposure. On Pong Cases website, they report they cannot measure the near-field radiation protection to prove their technology. However this is false. There are near-field radiation meters used all around the world including on Cruz Case Product Video providing evidence of the shielding.  We can only assume that Pong cannot provide such evidence."  

iPhone shielding case

This case by Vest is a genuine shield, unlike many others.  A real metal barrier, like the door of a microwave oven. 

Generic shielding case

Anti-Radiation Universal Wallet Case by Vest for medium to large sized phones.

EMR Blocker

As you can read on the BBC website, handsfree sets pick up radiation from the phone and cause up to 2.5 times the radiation of the phone to be transmitted to the head. 

The EMR Blocker stops this!

Airtube A3 Headset

Aircom A3 Airtube Headset and the LIVE music difference.

Shielding is important

Around 80% of the phone's microwave emissions are absorbed by the head! Only shielding or distance to the phone can reduce their severe impact.

Around 80% of the phone's microwave emissions are absorbed by the head! Only shielding or distance to the phone can reduce their severe impact.

Mobile phone companies and governments are concerned about thermal effects of phone radiation.  We are concerned about biological and physiological effects.  Research has shown that pulsed microwave emissions may

        • damage DNA and cause cancer
        • interfere with the blood/brain barrier
        • reduce sperm count
        • cause brain tumours
        • clotting of red blood cells
        • cause tinnitus
        • impact on hormones emitted from brain
        • change brain wave patterns
        • change brain function
        • cause skin reactions
        • create sleeping problems

It should be mentioned, that no phone company has been able to prove that mobile phones are not damaging to people's health. They talk about thermal effects being minimal, while we are concerned about biological and physiological effects to our health.

Phone manufacturers recommend to keep the phone 1 cm from the head, while on a call! 

The only completely safe mobile phone is one that is turned off.  See the Information or Links pages for more details.