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How could we have our shop and not sell Harald Tietze's HAPPYOLOGY book? 


The non-tinfoil guide to EMFs

This is my book of the year. 

Brilliant, easy to understand, written with integrity and a true understanding of the topic.  Highly recommended.


Hold The Phone

The definitive guide to protecting your health from phones and wireless.

Hold The Phone:Here's Why.

Advice from Experts: How Phones and Wireless affect Health

Dowsing Manual

by Harald Tietze

A great summary of earth energies and dowsing.  A dowsing manual written by a dowser with decades of experience. 

Published by Harald Tietze Publications
Perfect bound. A5. 196 pages

Have you got the GUTS?

... To be really healthy?   by Don Chisholm

Healthy Home Healthy Office

Explains some of the unseen health issues in our home environment, and tells how to approach any problems we may find.


If you had to find only one food to live on, then Spirulina would fit the bill. This tiny microscopic plant can supply all your nutritional needs.  This book will explain the benefits of spirulina, where to get it and how to use it.

Water Medicine

Water Medicine teaches us to use the simplest and most common liquid available for good health. Water, in many ways may be seen to both cure and prevent illness. In this book these simple, usually overlooked facts are explained.

Miracle Healing

Placebos are working! 

Let Harald explain the mysteries around healing to you.


How about focusing on the POSITIVE?
Happyology is the new Science!

Urine - Holy Water

Don't read this book -
if you feel well, if you are slim and have beautiful skin, if you have no allergies, no depression, no asthma, no psoriasis and if you never expect to be bitten by a poisonous snake or spider.

Harald Tietze

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