These pages are dedicated to lifestyle choices and self-help books.

How could we have our shop and not sell Harald Tietze's HAPPYOLOGY book? 

-NOTE- due to the fires, Harald's books are currently unavailable.  Please try wisemansweb site.


Now Only

Health at Home

A helpful, empowering guide of all that is Buildingbiology and healthy living environments.

Health at Home e-book

The e-book version of Health at Home.  Coming soon....

The non-tinfoil guide to EMFs

 Brilliant, easy to understand, written with integrity and a true understanding of the topic.  Highly recommended.


Hold The Phone

The definitive guide to protecting your health from phones and wireless.

Hold The Phone:Here's Why.

Advice from Experts: How Phones and Wireless affect Health

Have you got the GUTS?

... To be really healthy?   by Don Chisholm