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    Photocopiers, carpets, computers, cleaners, dusts, - the list of chemicals and particles in work environments is endless.  Our workplace survey will provide you with the information you need, to have a safe, healthy, supportive, and productive work environment.

    Workplace  tests are the same as for the Home situation.  We are able to meet more specified needs on request.  Please call or email for further information.

    Test takes 2 hours per sample, while the air isbeing sucked through the sampling medium.

    We offer either an overview of IAQ levels, or a highly detailed report.  Sample reports, showing you what is measured, are available by selecting the links, below:

    • 'Inspect' report               (it falsely says "Inspect' report on the example) 

     The Predict report gives you a good overview of your situation, including mould testing.  This is sufficient for the majority of cases.  It includes the option to upgrade the test to a Reveal report, if necessary.

    The Reveal report offers a comprehensive analysis on 14 pages, see the link above for a sample.


    Your results should be back within 10 days after the consultation.


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