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Explains some of the unseen health issues in our home environment, and tells how to approach any problems we may find.

Healthy Home Healthy Office is a great summary of basic principles of Building Biology and their application.

Is environmental illness a modern life epidemic? Where has the quality of life gone? Living on an alien planet? Who is really well? Are sensitivities an early warning system? The body's immune system Symptomatic, masked and synergistic effects Is ridicule of the effects from chemical exposure defensive ignorance? Has our environment become a health hazard? Which parts of the body are affected by chemicals? Ecological model of behaviour Allergy or sensitivity? Toxic or sensitivity response? Addiction pyramid of Dr. Randolph Clinical ecology or political economy - who benefits? Scientific proof method Legal aspects of chemical pollution Health draft charter for workers and communities exposed to pollution Economic interest of the petrochemical industry and medical profession Is our life out of balance? Building materials and cancer Cancer terminology What causes human cells to change? Living cells and toxins Chemicals and human threshold levels Are toxic chemicals human carcinogens? From mineral fibre to organic fibre Environmental pollution and cancer Magnetic distortion and vibrational medicine From stress to depression From depression to spiritual growth
Indoor air pollution - unavoidable product of modern technology? A third skin building has a breathing membrane Outgassing chemicals - formaldehyde pollution in particle board Baking out a building will accelerate the outgassing of chemicals Natural air exchange rate should be at least once per hour Energy conservation versus breathing building membranes Mechanical air conditioning versus natural ventilation systems Contamination from air convection heating and cooling systems Common features of sick buildings Heat recovery ventilators Indoor plants as pollution fighters Are synthetic perfume deodorisers possible carcinogens? Essential oils - air purification Positive ions and negative ions Electro climate in home and offices Geopathic stress and geomagnetic distortions Radon gas and gamma radiation from earth Cosmic and environmental radiation High frequency pollution Why live an unhealthy lifestyle in a healthy house? Natural cleaners Biological insecticides and pest repellants Plastics and Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Organo-chlorine - a toxic time bomb House dust-mites, mould, mildew, hair and dander Are pesticides toxic solutions and an expensive short cut? Inerts - the secret hazards of pesticides Cigarette smoke - toxic consumer product and environmental hazard
Change of attitude - change of life style - change of environment The spiritual aspect of air and indoor air pollution Healthy shelter - a basic human right Choose a healthy building site Choose a designer/architect familiar with sustainable architecture Sustainable circulation of natural elements with the built environment Choose a builder and supplier familiar with ecological building Choose a budget and lifestyle to meet your objectives Refurbishing - create a healthy sanctuary in your polluted home Environmental illness support groups Home, office and site inspections and environmental audits and reports Annex 1: Symptoms checklist to identify health hazards Annex 2: Pollutants - BBE Summary Annex 3: Measuring instrumentation for testing electro-pollution Annex 4: Environmental inspection report (BBE-Institute) Annex 5: Common indoor toxins and their damaging health effects Annex 6: Recipes for natural cleaners Annex 7: Recipes for biological insecticides Annex 8: Health effects of chemical inerts Annex 9: BBE - services information sheet Annex 10: BBE - correspondence course Annex 11: Glossary and definitions Annex 12: Recommended literature and references Annex 13: Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance (ACTA)