Water Medicine

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Water Medicine teaches us to use the simplest and most common liquid available for good health. Water, in many ways may be seen to both cure and prevent illness. In this book these simple, usually overlooked facts are explained.

Perfect bound. A5. 98 pages
Water is not Water
The Cure
    Hydro-Herbal Therapy Hardening The Stimulating Points Walking in Water and Water Treading Douches Compresses and Packs Steam Washings Baths The Herbal Bath
Herbal teas and essential oils commonly used for baths and vapour applications Essential Oils - Aromatherapy Mineral th Peat Moss Bath Kefir Bath Drinking of Water
    Therapeutic Mineral Waters
Filtered Water The Energy of Water Dead and Living Water Urine - Water of Life Colloidal Silver Oxygen Water Vines Sauna
    Modern Saunas
Food from Water and Sunlight The Sunlight