Miracle Healing

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Placebos are working! 

Let Harald explain the mysteries around healing to you.

Perfect bound. A5
Miracle Healing works,
and there is scientific proof.
Why Healing?
Why Miracle Healing?
"Medicine Can't Heal"
The Mechanism of Miracle Healing
The power of your mind
The ability of children destroyed by so-called "logic" thinking. 
Placebo - The Miracle Healing of Modern Medicine.
Placebo/mind medicine versus active ingredient medicine.
Vitamin C as sleeping tablet?
Vitamin C for getting pregnant?
"Point the Bone" - Telepathic death penalty
Traditional Healing
"Unexplained" healing forces.
Dying from "point the bone"
"Faith killing"
Faith healing
"Put your illness in a box".
Does it matter who knows?
"Coincidence or Collaboration? You be the judge!
Angels, guides, trance guides.
Miracle Healing of the Aborigines
Hitler Wood, the Healer from Arnhemland
Vibrational healing, spiritual healing and miracle healing.
Gallstone problems disappear.
Intuitive Healing
Hitler's "home remedy".
Sand paper fig against muscle pain, influenza, ringworm and diarrhea.
Ceremonies and hand-on healing.
"Earth as Medicine"
Termite mounds against Diarrhea
"Termite dirt" against nutritional deficiency
The "nursery" – the best quality termite clay.
Magnetic termite mound.
Vibrational protection.
Papaya, a Traditional Medicine Plant of the Australian Aborigines?
Anonymous healer.
 "The Miracle Man" Joao Teixeira da Faria 
Bruno Groening
The Medical Scientific Group (MWF)
Telepathic healing.
What a coincidence.
Imagination training
The most important nation is 
Imagination and positive thoughts for healing. 
Healing Methods.
Stopping smoking
Slimming the easy way. 
Are diseases a spiritual matter?
"Miracle Remedies"
Love Remedies - Essences of Living Wildflowers
Balancing Emotions with Flower Remedies.
Herbs with medicinal properties.
"Herbs of the Gods"
Urine Therapy
World conference on Auto Urine Therapy.
The latest news – old knowledge.
Cancer – AIDS - TB
Chronic diseases 
The best method to use urine therapy:
"Dead" people don't lie"
The Doctor's own case of cancer healing.
Going to die
Full blown AIDS healed!?
Treatment of allergic illnesses in general medicine.
Amputation avoided 
Cures against poisonous snake bites.
Vibrational Healing
Spiritual Healing Energies of Plants
Nature radiates a spiritual essence. Every plant has its own Earth-energy places
Miracle Healing Places
Instant healing in Altötting
Meteor Point
A place of high energies.
What is Earth Radiation?
Does Earth Radiation Cause Car Accidents?
Radiation Lines Do Change.
Ghost Villages.
The Moon Influences All Life.
Preventative medicine
Life Saving Treatment against all odds
Fat against dysentery?
Hemlock against Cancer
Going to the other side.
And not to "doctors prescription" diagnosis?
Accessing the subconscious mind is simple
Wrong question results in a wrong answer.
It will happen if you say "don't".
Real enlightenment.
Trying to access the subconscious mind
The "Try Test"
Kinesiology  / Muscle Testing
The ideal medication?
What is NOT Miracle Healing?
Miracle cancer healing?
Would he be still alive?
Diseases for the "rest of your life"
Survival Food and Real Health Food
Fresh Living Vegetables within Only a Few Days.
Vitamin Content  Increase By 600%