Dear Clients,

In spite of covid-19, life goes on and we need to find ways to continue supporting each other.  - If you are taking the opportunity of this enforced break to improve your living space, - don't hesitate to get in 'touch'! 

Masks, gloves, and distancing will enable us to help you with home assessments, - just as we always have. 

Of course, website orders will be processed as usual. 

In the meantime - stay safe!  

Apologies for price increases, - freight and exchange rates have introduced unprecedented overheads.We discussed shutting the shop down, but decided to continue to support our Australian clients, as much as we can.


Our mission is to give you a Healthy Living Space that sustains your health and well-being and that supports the life of our planet.

It is more important now than ever before.

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Home Healing Solutions

In order to remain strong and well-balanced, we need healthy places and spaces to work, create, rest and recover.

Supporting my clients since 1993.

Joachim Herrmann

M.Sc.Biology, Dip.Ed., certified Buildingbiology Consultant IBN